5 of the Best Lift Chairs for the Elderly 2018

October 02, 2018

Growing old does not necessarily have to be a painful experience.

You get to play with your grand-children. Spend more time on your own, relax and observe.

But then comes the part where you have to deal with health issues and being dependent for even the smallest of daily life activities.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Especially, if you know where to invest your money.

One such product you should invest in is a mechanical lift chair.

These chairs can help even the weakest of individuals having problem standing up from a sitting position. If you were planning on buying one. But didn't knew where to start.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best lift chairs for elderly.

Mega Motion LC-200 Lift Chair

Mega Motion LC 200 is one of the most popular lift chairs in the market for elderly. The chair provides extreme comfort for prolong usage such as sleeping, reading or watching your favorite show on the TV. 

You can convert the chair into an an recliner, it's neutral position or the lift state by the push of a button. 

When reclined the chair requires about 18" of space from the wall. 

The approximate dimensions of this chair are: 
Height: 41.5"
Width: 34"
Depth: 38.5"
Seat Depth: 38"

1 ) 3 Positions
2 ) Comfortable for reading and sleeping
3 ) Weight Capacity of 325 lbs

1 ) Footrest doesn't extends without recline position

Bonzy Lift Chair Recliner

Another really good-looking, comfortable and easy to clean lift chair is the Bonzy Lift Chair Recliner.  

The lift chair comes at a really affordable price. With 3 positions to choose from: recline, neutral and lift. 

The weight capacity of this chair is a little less than the Mega-Motion LC-200. It supports users weighing up to 300 lbs while the other chair supports 325 lbs. Which is not that big of a difference. 

The lift mechanism and frame of this chair is protected by a 3 year warranty. While the fabrics, leather etc on this chair come with a one year warranty. 

1 ) 3 Postions
2)  Remote Control
3 ) Weight Capacity 300 lbs
4) Independent back and footrest


Signature Design by Ashley Lift Chair

Signature Design by Ashley is popular for it's amazing furniture. And this lift chair is no exception. The lift chair is designed to keep comfort a top priority.

The chair comes with high back support, thick cushions with faux leather. 

The chair is small enough to pass through doorways wider than 30". Along with the power lift features, the aesthetics are definitely one of the most prominent part of this deal. 

The company sends this lift chair with instructions, tools and hardware to make sure an easy assembly even for buyers who are doing this the first time. 

1 ) Great Aesthetics
2 ) Leather Feel
3) 3 Positions
4) Weight Limit of 300 lbs
5) Easily fits tall users upto 6"4

1 ) One year motor and mechanism warranty

Domesis Renu Leather Lift Chair 

Domesis Renu Lift chair is unique in this top 5. Because it is the only chair that comes in with a space saver design. 

The chair only requires about 4" of free space from the wall when fully reclined. Space saver chairs can give your place a more neat look saving you more space for yourself.  The chair is also relatively cheaper than it's competitors, without it compromising on any features.

There are no specific positions this chair comes pre-installed with. Rather you get 2 buttons to recline and uplift the chair depending on how long you press on them. 


1 ) A space saver chair
2) Weight limit of 300 lbs
3) Easily assembled
4) Cheaper than it's competitors


Mcombo Electric Power Lift Chair

This classic lift chair from Mcombo gives you a little more than your average lift chair on the same price. It does everything that you normal lift chair would do. 

Like converting into a recliner and an easy lift off the chair. But it also incorporates heating modules that can give you warmth in the waist region. These modules can become real handy in situations where you need a blanket. 

The chair also comes in with vibration motors both of which can be adjusted in intensity. There are a total of 4 vibration intensities you can choose from.

With a weight capacity of 390 lbs. This chair is one of the toughest out there and can be used by obese users.

And lastly the chair has USB charging ports and 2 cup holders that can be used if you like enjoying your coffee on on your chair.

1 ) Vibration massage
2) Heating modules for winters
3) Cup hodlers
4) PU leather (easily cleanable)
5) Loading capacity of 390 lbs


Being unable to get out of a chair on your own is definitely a terrible feeling. It's something that unfortunately, people have to deal with in their old ages. Or because of some other knee related diseases early on in life.

But letting this condition control your day or mood is not a wise decision. Especially, when products like these are available to help you out with this problem. 

Investing in a lift chair can be hectic. If you don't know what to look for or have never bought one before. We hope that you like our top picks of the best lift chairs for elderly. And if you still want us to narrow it down  to one option.

Then I think Mcombo Electric Power Lift Chair is the best option out of these 5. Since it comes with all the amazing features at a really affordable price. Not only does it supports the mechanical lift required for getting out of the chair with out any stress on your knees.

But also the additional massage feature is something that people have really loved and I think you would too. Also, if you're a bit more overweight (above 300 lbs), then this could be the chair for you since it supports users up to 390 lbs.

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